Friday, 4 July 2014

July 4: The Tour de France ...

A stream of weary riders, it is the Tour de France
A bunch of the sweaty crack brigade, in pretty lycra pants
Through Yorkshire they pedal, taking in the scenes and sights
The weather too is pretty fine, in their fluorescent lycra tights

Strategy and tactics, the teams they ride as one
I’m not trying to be clever, but it does not look like fun
Those hills they look quite awesome, as they pedal in low gear
My motorcycle has a motor, and for me the point is clear

Pedal power is all very nice, if you like that kind of thing
I know the Tour de France is quite a feat, and the tragedy it brings
And yes, it’s good for watching, though I don’t think it’s for me
The twisting of the throttle is the thing that brings me glee

The scenery is magnificent, and the experience one to cherish
But if I had to pedal all that way, you know that I would perish
Helmet, gloves and jacket, I wear the same stuff as they do
But I’ll get there in half the time, be fresh, and see the view

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