Wednesday, 16 July 2014

July 16: Throw away the key ...

Baden-Clay’s been put away, for life, or something less
A man who once had everything, his life now a complete mess
He got in strife when he slayed his wife, coz he got a bit in debt
Went on line for a sexy time, you'll get no more I bet

We all know why you had to lie, and throw her in your car
She made her mark with her fingernails, and left a nasty scar
I cut myself with a razor blade, oh mate, give me a break
You've shaved your face for thirty years, you wouldn't make that mistake

Your lovely bride, so sad she died, and left your girls so young
At the hand of a complete monster, their lives are now undone
Their mother dead, their father jailed, such an awful thing
One wonders where they’ll find the strength, a new life to begin

And now I read you will appeal, for me it’s no surprise
Someone there will pay your way, but the rest of us despise
You're not a man, not a man’s left foot, I'd let you rot in jail
You yearned a life of brand new sex, go try it with a male

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