Friday, 11 July 2014

July 11: T'was thirty seven years ago ...

Thirty-seven years ago I began a new career
At just fifteen I left my home, saying “get me out of here”
School was crook, so I took a look, at life as a Navy sailor
I couldn't not do better; my life it could have been a failure

On a train across the plain, we left Sydney for the west
I didn’t know it at the time, but my Dad’s idea was best
“Get that boy in uniform, teach him all the ropes
The mates he’s got are losers, they’re just a bunch of dopes”

I persevered; I saw it through, though I didn’t work too hard
I was just a kid with attitude, and I rarely played that card
That I’d been dealt, I was quite clever but I kept it in reserve
Kept that card right up my sleeve, until ten years I had served

Then I changed my job, matured a bit, worked hard and got ahead
Two promotions in quick time, and more than once it had been said
That fellow is quite capable; let’s give him a peaked cap
Me, I was in paradise, and I was quite pleased with that

Back to school to finish off what I should have done when younger
Strange as it was, when I was older, I developed a strange hunger
I’d had my fun, there was work to be done, no-one but me could do it
So I started me a law degree, quite sure I could get through it

After twenty-four I walked through the door, began life as a lawyer
Went to the bar to try my luck, got an office in the foyer
It seemed to work, I had some skills, that I developed and refined
It takes a while to find your niche, but I think I had found mine

It’s been ten years as a barrister, I’ve done okay I reckon
Buy my roots began to call me, and as a Crown a job did beckon
So now, four decades after starting out, I’m beginning once again
As a brand new Crown Prosecutor, prosecuting evil men

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