Monday, 14 July 2014

July 14: Thorpies come out of the pool ...

So the Thorpedo wearing speedos has come out and had his say
He told Sir Michael Parkinson he lied, and yes, he’s gay
Well he didn’t use that very word, he said that he’s not straight
But we know what you meant Ian, and we’re behind you mate

No-one really gives a toss just how you live your life
Because you choose to have a partner, instead of a young wife
It’s no-one else’s business, and you should tell them so
You are a bloody champion, and that’s a tag that will not go

It was really so intrusive, that your “out” got so much attention
But you brought it on your self a bit, by the way that you did mention
Your deepest darkest secret, exposed to Parky on a Sunday
It should have come as no surprise that you were the news on Monday

But that all said, it is your life, to do with what you please
Just ignore the bigots, because adults do not tease
Simply because you’re different, than you were yesterday
It’s your life to live Thorpie, and we don’t care that you are gay

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