Saturday, 12 July 2014

July 12: The bride his home ...

The bride is home from hospital, with hardware in her foot
The surgeon took one look at it, and said it is kaput
You’ll need to have some surgery, I can fix that up for sure
But for six weeks thereafter, that foot can’t touch the floor

Then for six weeks further, only light weigh should you put
On that leg, for otherwise, you might have a gammy foot
So I sit here pretending, for three months I can be her carer
But trust me when I tell you, I’ve not faced anything more scarier

I’ll do my best, I will try hard, but for a quarter of a year
I would care for her forever, ‘cause to me she is so dear
But think Basil and think Rumpole, she’s not to be misled
And if she ever reads this, I think I’ll need some red

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