Friday, 18 July 2014

July 18: I rode the Wing to Norah Head ...

I rode the Wing to Norah Head, this Christmas in July
The Valk stayed dry and in the shed, only one bike could I ride
The weather it was changing, it was windy and it was cold
But it always rains at Norah Head, and there’s a story to be told

We gathered in the kitchen, for burgers and some beers
The bride she turned up in a chair, but that didn’t stop the cheers
Some red, some scotch, some chardonnay, some sipped on Kentucky,
Still no rain, how good was his, were we going to be so lucky

Not as many here as there was last year, maybe it was the weather
One dropped in for a quick Earl Grey, one she wore black leather
Twenty of us filled the room, the place was warming up
I forgot to bring my wine glass, so I supped it from a cup

On Saturday we saddled up, for a ride around the place
A flash three wheeler the mob, the rain it stabbed my face
But it didn’t last too very long, as it gave in to the sun
We stopped at Porters for a feed, a beer and a bit of fun

Late that night young Santa came, a fresh one if I’m right
No reindeer, without a sled, but with an Elf always in sight
More presents they were given, by that happy Elf
When all the team had got one, Santa gave one to himself

Some red, some scotch, some chardonnay, oh yeah we all had fun
Mark he ran some quizzes, and some prizes they were won
Hands on heads, on bums and noses, head, tails I’ve no idea
I wrote it to experience, but I always have fun up here

The next morning it was windy, and it was cold but it was dry
I had my egg and bacon sarnies, and said all my goodbyes
A quick blat down the freeway, the cold wind blowing in my hair
Well honestly, it would have, if my helmet wasn’t there

So till the next time that we meet, wherever it may be
Let’s pray for sun and gentle winds, not rain I want to see
But who cares about the weather, be it rain or shine or sleet
Coz we’re Goldwing riders all of us, and we’ll face anything to meet

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