Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July 30: Palmer United ... not your usual footy team ...

Clive Frederick Palmer is a minerals farmer, got his wealth from deep in our earth
His fortune is vast, and some are just aghast, at the sizeable worth of his girth
Formed his own party, with Lazarus the hearty, and a bird from Tassie named Jaqui
Who on a radio show, had a good go, made comments several and tacky

“I want a well-endowed man, with cash in his hand, who can give me a good time don’t you know
It’s not what’s in his brain that I want to obtain, it’s what the man's got down below
He need not even talk, I just want to gawk, as long as he’s got what I need”
She need not look too far, and though it might sound bizarre, maybe Clive could be her next steed

Glenn he was a goer, the country's best front rower, the best that the Raiders discovered
In the senate he does sit, contributing a bit, but I don’t think he’s got politics really covered
In the Senate he’s the leader, the chief PUP pleader, soon we will all know of his talk
Can “the brick with eyes” speak, what will come from his beak, and really, can he walk the walk

But Clive he’s just a card, and he’ll need to work so hard, though he is holding now the balance of power
And so much flak he will get, but he will not fret, as he looks down from his ivory tower
Should we give him a shot, he’s said such a bloody lot, about how wants this place run
But you cannot forget, it’s a pretty good bet, that he’s just doing all this for some fun

So there's three in his stable, I've taken aim in this fable, who say they are working for good
That's all very nice, but their task is a vice, are they doing as much as they should
Clive he can be funny, he don't need the money, the pay for him is just cream
But with Jacqui and Glen, one chick and two men, this is not your usual footballing team

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