Tuesday, 29 July 2014

July 29: The best block of chocolate ...

Just take a block of chocolate
One that’s six by four
With twenty-four separate blocks
Count again, there ain't no more

You cut across the fourth row up
Diagonally, from bottom to top
Then slice the left row from the piece
And then the top square you should chop

Take the slice that from one you took
And shift it to the right
Then move the larger piece to the left
And match them up real tight

Put the one square in your mouth
And savour its fine taste
And if you follow this fine plan
Not one piece you’ll waste

You should be left with twenty three
Cause you’ve taken one away
But when you put it back again
And count, what do you say

How can this be you ask yourself
If you take one away, no more
There really should be twenty three
But in fact, there’s still twenty-four

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