Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July 15: A mate of mine he had a fall ...

A mate of mine he had a fall, got belted off his bike
T-boned a right turner, who drove wherever she liked
If he were any closer he’d have been in her front seat
It wasn’t really quite the way that he'd hope that they might meet

He smashed his leg into the grill, a mash of bone and flesh
He lost five inches of his femur, shit man, what a mess
She didn’t look, and if she did  I think she must be blind
If I see her out on the road, I’ll be riding far behind

Four months in a hospital, that's no way to spend your days
Another motorcyclist downed, let’s hope the system pays
Next time you drive, look once then twice, and then perhaps once more
You certainly don't want a Hells Angel, slamming in your door

But to my mate Tommy Tucker, I hope you get well soon
It could have been much worse you know, you’re not eating with a spoon
When you get that payout, from the injuries that you copped
You should buy yourself a Goldwing mate, a bike that can’t be topped

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