Tuesday, 22 July 2014

July 22: The day I lost my iPad ...

I ventured to the shopping mall the other afternoon
Saw kids with painted faces, carrying colourful balloons
We walked and shopped all day long, so we stopped to rest our feet
But when I got back to my home, I’d left my iPad on the seat

My new and favourite iPad, it had really disappeared
Would my identity be stolen, that was most what I feared
Had I locked the screen out when I last had checked my mail
Would the finder clean me out, was this my one big fail

I rocked into the cop shop and told him all about my loss
He looked pretty old and gnarly, I knew he didn’t give a toss
I could see his mind tick over, he thought, you won’t see that again
A thousand bucks up in smoke, back to paper and a pen

I raced back to my desktop and logged in to Find my Phone
It wasn’t in the list I had, was it out there all alone
Had I set it properly, I’d only owned if for a week
How the hell could I find it if did not know were to seek

My almost new and unused iPad, it had truly disappeared
Would my bank account be zeroed, that was what I feared
Had I taken good precautions, had I locked the thing up tight
I just could not remember, so I had an awful night

Now I’ve altered all my passwords, and now they’re all the same
Yeah, I know, I know, another rule I have broken once again
But at least I now have changed them, and that was just the start
What of my Optus wireless Internet, would they now take that apart

Hang on, I got a phone call, my iPad has been found
And an honest finder gave it back, my funds are safe and sound
I just could not believe it, and now my faith has been restored
I thought it was gone forever, and my thanks I did outpour

My bestest favourite iPad, has come back home to me
I thought our lives had parted, never again it would I see
I’ve now taken good precautions, and I’ve locked the thing up tight
Never will I leave it stranded, and it will never leave my sight

The moral of this story, if there is one, could be this
Don’t ever take your iPad when you’re in retailing bliss
Leave it somewhere where it makes you feel peaceful and real glad
But whatever else you choose to do, please turn on Find my iPad

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