Monday, 28 July 2014

July 28: A Turkish shop in Hornsby ...

There was a Turkish shop in Hornsby
Just trying to make a buck
But they couldn't fill the seating
They just weren’t having any luck
So a master plan they did ignite
If money they could not earn
They’d fabricate a large explosion
And leave the place to burn

They set up some insurance
And bought some cylinders of gas
It would not be a pretty sight
But as an accident it should pass
They planning wasn’t perfect
In fact it was marginally better than poor
When the gas went up and the fire began
He wasn’t even out the door

A black long-sleeved hoodie
Was worn by the bloke with the match
And when the thing exploded
His hoodie on fire did catch
His face was dark and badly marked
To match the outline of the hood
And when he looked at himself in the mirror
He thought, “this isn’t good”

It took the cops less than a moment
To see through their master plan
They set up some surveillance
And targeted their man
Their phones gave up their innocence
The girls rolled, their days were spent
Retracing all their movements
And then off to jail they went

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