Monday, 9 June 2014

June 9: It's hidden in the can, man ...

Tomorrow at ten, I’ll begin it again, prosecuting one more drug importation
They keep bringing it in, ignoring the sin, and the harm that it does to our nation
The packages hidden, bringing it here is forbidden, but they hide it wherever there’s space
When we get smart to their modus, and we put them on notice, they just hide it in a different place

But we’re onto their game, and we know who’s to blame, and he’s taken an oath to be honest
But when I question his version, he’s offer diversion, when to tell the me truth he has promised
And when he brings out his lies, I’ll just look in his eyes, and suggest he’s not being as frank
As he should be, when speaking to me, but I know he’s got nought in the bank

He faces five years, and his wife is in tears, as he stands in the dock and explains
Just how all this gear, ended up coming here, why at the end he will leave here in chains
But it matters not much, he’ll get a soft touch, less than two years I am betting
For his role in this trade, and his whole masquerade, so for him it won’t be too upsetting

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