Wednesday, 4 June 2014

June 4: Doc Neeson ... dead at 67

So am I ever gonna see your face again
Bernard Neeson’s left us, his set’s come to an end
Front man for the Angels, who we loved like our best friend
No, we are never gonna see his face again

The Brewster Brothers backed him, John and Rick on guitar
Belting out the ballads, we knew they would go far
Then one day they fell apart, and all did their own thing
We wanted a reunion, but with them he wouldn't sing

But Doc he was a giver, so he did what Doc did best
Rocking up the pubs and clubs, put our eardrums to the test
He played in war torn places, he gave the troops a lift
A hard living Aussie rocker, his outlook wouldn't shift

He belted out his ballads, forever in the groove
Shadow boxing across the stage, like a waxworks on the move
In his suit and with mascara, he looked us in the eye
Always one to love a joke, and much to young to die

A brain tumor it took him, and ripped us all apart
Forever in our memories, forever in our heart
Took a long line to the music, never acting like a toff
And gave to us that timeless line, “No way, get f***ed, f**k off

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