Tuesday, 3 June 2014

June 3: A foul mothed crim ...

My trial today went south, because of the foul mouth, of the idiot who was seated in the dock
Evidence compelling, the Crown case it was swelling, when bad guy stood to rip his party frock
He ranted and he raved, his language was depraved, but throwing water at a judge just isn’t smart
So the trial it was aborted while new lawyers he gets sorted, and in October we will have a nice fresh start

There isn’t much to say, but that he simply got his way, though his conduct it was simply a disgrace
So in custody he waits, and I can tell you of his fate, and I look forward to getting in his face
Four months down the track, my case sharp as a tack, he wont stand a chance of getting free
I don’t give a toss, my gain becomes his loss, but I don’t think he thinks a lot of me

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