Friday, 6 June 2014

June 6: The day, the music died ...

There’s a band on stage in heaven, belting out the tunes
On the greenest grass you’ll ever see, on the sunniest afternoons
John Lennon writes the lyrics, Harry Chapin lends a hand
Freddie Mercury and Elvis, and others lead the band

Janis Joplin on the harmonies, and Keith Moon on the drums
Bon Scott exudes raw energy when the rock and roll it comes
When the pace it slows, Miles Davis starts, and blues us out on jazz
Mama Cass Elliot then takes the stage, giving us some pure pizzazz

Michael Hutchins joins with those out front, as they rip out six more hits
And Chrissy Amphlett, dressed for school, drips lyrics from her lips
The Australians bring a touch of class to a band replete with talent
Jim Croce, Jim Morrison and Gerry Rafferty add to a crowd that is so gallant

Plane crashes took so many, it’s really quite so bizzare
Buddy and Ritchie left us, so did the Bopper, it hit us hard
John Denver, and our own mate Shirl, succumbed to a lack of height
So did Jim Croce and Ricky Nelson, it’s hard to see at night

Alcohol took the lives of some, drugs took many others
“Accidental overdose” while liaising with their lovers
The music that they gave us keeps them in our minds forever
I could listen to them daily, their music was so clever

Is there a valid reason, why so many stars they leave so young
Without reaching their potential, so many songs yet to be sung
Do they think they are invincible, like we all did in our teens
I don’t want to wait til heaven, or just see them on the screens

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