Monday, 30 June 2014

June 30: Half way home ...

Yep, I’ve made it half-way, good for me I do say
Should I continue this task, or just quit
There are days I compose just like Mozart my prose
But others when it gives me the shits

There are days when the timing of all of my rhyming
Is clever, and cool and so witty
But when I do coast, I’m sure the stuff that I post
Makes my grammatical skills look unpretty

How many poems have I written to date
Let me count them all up, it wasn’t that hard
Should I cut with a knife and get along with my life
Undecided I scribe "unsure" on my card

For a title I wonder, what to call all this stuff
"Six months in the life of" sounds so bad
"A year" sounds much better, but if I stop now I’ll fetter
Half a year of fine words that I’ve had

I think I’ll go on, I’ve done one eighty one
And I’m just not the type to give up
With this rhyming and timing the numbers keep climbing
There’s room for more wine in my cup

So you have it my friends, this is not where it ends
I undertake that I'll write many more
But my mandate still stands, my fate's in my hands
If they’re crappy I'll walk out the door

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