Sunday, 22 June 2014

June 23: Not looking good ...

The one’s gonna walk, he’s been talkin’ the talk
Although he didn’t affirm or declare
Said it all though his brief, and we got no relief
When he suggested, “I just was not there”

We called one in our case, who while in that place
Got stabbed in the leg with a knife
Then got bashed in he head, and told he’d be dead
He was scared to an inch of his life

A room full of thugs, fighting over drugs
What’s a jury to make of his pain
In a Redfern drug den, there once were five men
But just one had the balls to complain

My confidence low, which way will they go
Will they discard what he says as untrue
Lie with dogs you get fleas, and get not guilty pleas
If he walks there’s nout we can do

It’s a smack on the chin, every one I can’t win
But I give it my best at the very least
A new case next week, this time ill I will speak
Of a defrocked old Catholic priest

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