Thursday, 5 June 2014

June 5: The grammar pedant ...

If there’s one thing, that really gets me uptight
It’s English that is wrong, even though it looks so right
And grammar that’s right even when it looks so wrong
But you can do just what you like if you’re trying to write a song

To choose and have chosen are completely okay
But to squeeze and have squozen, say the latter no way
To sing and have sung will always get a tick
But to drink and have drunk, when sober gets flicked

Don’t ever think I rung you, when you should have said rang
But it’s okay to say hung, and even that you hang
But I don’t understand it, just when is it okay
For the English language to put such things in my way

It’s “I” before “e” except after “c”
Except when it isn’t, which makes no sense to me
And never oh never start a sentence with “and”
Except when you need to, which I don’t understand

Is it just grammar, or is it just style
I’ve got a few books, but it might take a while
To look up the rules and apply them steadfast
For I am the grammar pedant, by me nothing gets past

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