Monday, 16 June 2014

June 16: My jury's out ...

As I left my seat this very morn, and gave my last address
Meeting with each juror’s eye, the facts I tried to stress
Circumstances are adequate for a strong case to be built
And a jury can be satisfied, of this man’s final guilt

The exacting criminal standard, of beyond a reasonable doubt
Is what you all must conclude, before you snuff his freedom out
But not every fact I tell you, just the elements of the crime
And I’ve told you why you should find my way, the verdict here is mine

He snuck in through the airport, with some seasoning and tea
Told Customs that it all was his, but through his story they did see
They searched his bags, and did some tests, and drug’s they found for sure
Then opened up the second box, oh dear, they found some more

“Yes ma’am, I did pack it, and I know exactly what is there”
But soon his version shifted, as Customs met his dare
“Actually”, he recanted, “t’was my girlfriend who helped me pack
Oh, now I’ve just remembered, it was all done when I got back"

Why would he bring from overseas, food you can easily buy here
Such objective bloody stupidity, to me it’s quite unclear
Cabramatta has a  thousand shops where you can get this stuff for cheap
But this here man, from Ho Chi Min, will soon have cause to weep

“My girlfriend told me what to do, although I really hate to cook
I’m told it’s good for smokers, and I don’t want to get crook
If I don’t like it I’ll pass it on, but I’m keeping half the tea”
What a shock he would have got, with hot ephedrine at three

Mostly untrue, this tale he’s told, a simple pack of lies
Rely upon your mother tongue, your Aussie accent do disguise
You’ve been here more than thirty years, you know the tricks for sure
You’ve been home about a dozen times, and this time’s just once more

Tomorrow we’ll have the jury back, with a verdict based on fact
Because nothing from his guilty actions, do we want to detract
But sentencing it won’t be harsh, it’s five years in the clink
And that’s the bloody maximum’s, these Tier One laws they stink

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