Thursday, 26 June 2014

June 26: World Cup fever ...

The World Cup is approaching the ultimate fight
When two teams will play for the prize
The answer we’ll get to determine the bets
Just who is the best team and why

England is gone, but Costa Rica go on
While the host team they head up Group A
Italy floundered while the Netherlands pounded
Twelve goals tells the strength of their play

Australia tried hard, but could not make the card
They just don’t have the flair that’s required
Tim belted two but no more could he do
And at his age you’ll forgive if he’s tired

Germany’s there, the US has a share
Of Group G where by Portugal they snuck
On for and against, their backline content
To rely on a bit of pure luck

Mexico and Chile continue their march
Near the top of their Groups they both sit
Their fans so adoring, screaming joy at each scoring
And holding up signs, “This is it”

Argentina’s still there, though they did have a scare
Winning each game by just one
One might have thought that some teams they might rort
But they’ll have their day in the sun

As we face up to the semi’s some teams they will fail
And they’ll look forward another four years
Let’s hope skill wins the day, and not a dishonest display
That draws a spot kick and brings unwanted tears

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