Saturday, 21 June 2014

June 21: If I had to write a poem ...

If I had to write a poem, about how my life was going
I’d be writing something informative and concise
But while my life is just divine, I should tell you in this rhyme
That everything in life it has it's price

I spend my days in court, applying what I have been taught
Not just a law school but by my mum and dad
As I stand at the bar table, doing the best that I am able
With words I work to show the jury that man is bad

Then when my work in court is done, I head home to number one
To the woman who brings joy to daily life
She’s been with me for thirty years, through our hopes and dreams and fears
But there’s no one who I’d rather was my wife

On our Goldwing we both ride, our excitement not kept inside
As we journey round this country every year
To the north and to the west, the trip around we liked the best
Why we do it is so very crystal clear

But when the sun goes down, and we roll into a town
Take a room in the oldest pub we find
Have a beer and have a steak, so much more of this we’ll take
Because age is just something in your mind

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