Wednesday, 18 June 2014

June 18: Game two - it's ours ...

I met a man out on the street, he was dressed in bright maroon
I said to him in my nicest voice, “got something else you can wear home?”
He snickered at me in that way that only a Queenslander could do
But what’s better than beating Queensland? It’s beating them by two

A bloody rugged game it was, a majestic spectacle to behold
The boys were playing for sheep stations, or perhaps the green and gold
But more than that I’m thinking now, they were playing just for pride
And when the eighty minutes ran out, their emotions they could not hide

I could rant and rave of how I feel about Hodges and Smith and Slater
But if I did I might not end this rhyme, until a time much later
Suffice to say I respect their skills, but for spirit they leave me short
When they were playing under tens, fair play was not taught

Some bloke in the paper wrote an article so true
As last we won and broke the streak, we showed we are true blue
Just as dawn it comes again, and as the sun down it does go
No-one ever will beat New South Wales, nine times in a row

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