Friday, 20 June 2014

June 20: Oh how the mighty fall ...

One there was this Admiral, who’d spent his life at sea
But with rank he saw entitlement, yes, give it all to me
From his Travel Card did he borrow, while commanding the whole fleet
But if a junior rank did such a thing, a court martial they’d meet

When the Admiral’s career it ended, he retired to St Ives
And his good life it continued, with two Beemers in his drive
Got the top job at Sydney Ferries, another fleet for him to lead
With it came a corporate credit card, and a conduit for his greed
That jewelry and the holidays, please put in on the plastic
The groceries and some nice red wine, my life it's so fantastic
I’ve got this bloody mortgage; it is so damn hard to pay
Thank goodness for this credit card, it really paves the way

I took the family to the shaky isles, for a lengthy holiday
But I’m a bit short on the readies, so I’ll get the taxpayers to pay
I wrote and told the Minister the ferries finances they were fine
A few anomalies not mentioned, ‘cause most of them were mine

I got hauled up before ICAC, my good times soon were done
My card’s a million in the red, and my life had lost its fun
What really is the problem, I’m the boss here don’t you know
I have wants that need financing, despite my poor cash flow

I pleaded guilty at the very end, I saw the writing on the wall
What is that old saying, yes, “oh how the mighty fall”
I stood so still before the judge as he sentenced me to jail
My life before it was so good, but it’s now a complete fail

But I still could get an ICO, and my liberty might maintain
I’ll tell him that I’m sorry and contrite, and avoid that further pain
Once I sailed the seven seas, in charge with a fox’s cunning
Now I’m selling nuts and bolts as I sail the aisles in Bunnings