Wednesday, 11 June 2014

June 11: Now shake it up baby now ...

On the eleventh of June, on a rainhy afternoon, the Fab Four they visited Australia
In nineteen-sixty-four, when they came to our shore, their first tour here it was not a failure
From city to city, chased by girls very pretty, they put upon show after show
They stages they played, and the fans they all stayed, and went where the Beatles did go

Rock and roll it was young, the songs that they sung came with dancing and the grinding of hips
That brought their parents to swear that their kids won’t be there, and words of love they fell from their lips
Four lads from Liverpool, with Ringo playing the fool, while young George was silent and strong
And with Paul and with John, who were urging them on, they couldn't stay still for too long

I’ve just seen a face, and Strawberry Fields is the place, where I just want to be holding your hand
With your face in a jar, you could be driving my car, when I saw stand there in the sand
Norwegian Wood saw me through, all my loving woudl it do, if I fell in love with you I’d feel fine
How I loved all their songs, they could right all my wrongs, that part of my youth was devine

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