Tuesday, 17 June 2014

June 17: My jury is back ...

So I gave them a closing, it's quality unmatched, and then off to consider their verdict despatched
But juries are so hard to make head or tail, you pump them right up, then they give you a fail
What were they thinking, did they not see, the strongest of inference, but they let him walk free

He made up a story, t'was like a slice of Swiss cheese, but he walked through the holes with the greatest of ease
My girlfriend she framed me, so I bought her a ring, not worth 30 dong, just a cheap little thing
Her niece lives in Melbourne, Toorak I’m guessing, with a story like that, there’ll be no confessing

What were you expecting, his guilt he’d concede, if that’s what we had, you lot we’d not need
Two kilos of pseudo, with sugar and with milk, perhaps he’s had it before, a drink smooth as silk
Me, I’m off to the markets, gonna buy me some smack, get a heat sealed container, and when I get back

I’ll just spin 'em a yarn of a standard not heard, I’ll sure have them guessing, ‘cause my tale is absurd
My English is good, until I get into strife, and then I don't know Engrish word in my life
Please get me an interpreter, I need time to think, when I hear it all twice my story won't stink

Chalk it up to experience, until the next time, right now I’m doing my best to get this thing to rhyme
But I’m tempted to tell you I’ve an island for sale, or a bridge or a statue, would my sale's pitch prevail
I should not be too harsh, you don’t know what we know, but really, oh really, so simply let go

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