Monday, 2 June 2014

June 2: Two very nasty people ...

Two very nasty people, they sit there in the dock, while my trial it moves forward, just like an unwound clock
As I work to elicit evidence, I sit back and I take stock, and ask the judge to summon my next witness
The first person called, remembered not a fact, and everything he had said, he now sought to retract
He was just scared of those people, that’s an uncontested fact, but he said that he was suffering a drug sickness

As we meandered to day five, the tension is unceasing, and now what can’t be remembered, appears to be increasing
Legitimate responses, they still are not releasing, and the jury are just rolling their eyes
I put to him his statement, to see what he might say, but if he would not be forthcoming, I knew there was a way
To make him tell the truth, and to my case stop the decay, so we would not have to listen to his lies

Then one of the nasties, he flew into a rage, and the level of his hate, it was quite hard to gauge
So tomorrow when we start, he’ll be seated a cage, he’ll be sat behind a screen until the trial is done
A paper cup he launched, aimed directly at the bench, and from his lips some words, that came with a very nasty stench
But Her Honour she did sit firm, in her role she was entrenched, and her demeanor would never be undone

This is an ugly trial about robbery and threats, the two men in the dock, they’re gone I’m taking bets
One man is a loser, while the other sits and sweats, in fear of what will happen when it's done
The jury are on board, of that I am quite sure, and they listen so intently, as their minds they  soak up more
And of the two men in the dock, whom I know they do abhor, where they're going it will not be much fun

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