Saturday, 14 June 2014

June 14: Get rid of them all ...

I’m thinking that at the next election, we should just have a single party
What’s the point of a bunch of liars, telling porkies full and hearty
Let’s scrap the major parties, and the minority runners too
And let's do something to stop our Parliament from looking like a zoo

Every time one mob gets in, they break promise after promise
Is it any surprise that we all group, are one large doubting Thomas
We even have new names for them, are promises none core or are they core
Why bother even promising, if in your pledge you put no store

I for one have had enough, of funding these groups of liars
One mob goes out, one mob comes in, and then complains about the fires
That the other mob has left them, and of the state of pure disruption
If there was just one party, there’d be less waste and less corruption

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