Sunday, 1 June 2014

June 1: Winter's here ...

It’s winter time, it’s here once more, when the weather comes I hate
I hate the cold, I hate the wet, and winter is not my mate
When I leave my home at six o’clock it’s dark and boy it’s cold
And each winter it gets worse, and worse as I get old

I look upon the bright side as I venture out into the dark
Only six months til the summer, and more cricket in the park
But for now I have to wait it out, and wear my gloves and scarf
When I set out for work so early, as the kookaburra’s laugh

I think next year I’ll move up north, sun and surf I’ll watch
Not to mention bronzed young ladies, as I sip upon my scotch
I’m dreaming though, the bride she says, like a dog chasing a bus
But what I might do if I caught it, right here I can’t discuss

Through the frost I drag my feet, frozen to the core
Can I take another winter, can I take one more
I dream of skies so blue and clear, and of summer belting down
And as long as I have air conditioning, my face won't wear a frown

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