Saturday, 2 August 2014

August 2: Oops, we lost by a point ... the Crusaders let it slip ...

The Crusaders, like the Raiders, nearly made the bell
The Crusaders, like the Raiders, of a win they had a smell
But the Crusaders, like the Raiders, let that win slip right away
And the Crusaders, like the Raiders, will come back another day

Now Richie is my favourite, he’s the one I love to like the least
A cheating whining Kiwi, from those islands in the east
There is only one thing I like better, that beating them in the last game
And that’s when Richie gave the penalty, yep, the captain was to blame

I remember many years ago, when the Aussies took them on
Behind when the last bell went, we all thought the game was gone
But big John Eales, he did step up, and in their side it is a a thistle
Not only did we beat them, but we did it post the final whistle

So the Tah’s they are the winners, of Rugby’s finest hour
The Crusaders go and lick their wounds, like a dead and dying flower
Maybe next year Richie’s boys can have another go
Will he come back for another bite, I really don’t think so

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