Wednesday, 13 August 2014

August 13: I'm getting a bashing ...

I’m getting a bashing, my ears they are red
I wish I was riding, or lying in bed
I cannot believe she is inside my head
It isn’t supposed to be hard

Caught him red handed, way up on his farm
Cultivating his crop, a rake on his arm
The Judge she's not copping one bit of my charm
I just cannot play a card

Caught in a trap I closed for the kill
The holes in his lies he was trying to fill
I shut all the doors, yeah, I know the drill
But I’m crawling a foot to the yard

My question rejected, “You can’t ask him that”
Well what am I here for, not just for a chat
Myriad lies hidden under his hat
His dishonesty close does he guard

Tomorrow I’ll finish, and then we’ll move on
His lying will mean his credibility is gone
I’ll just keep punching, keep on singing this song
My case will not be marred

The jury are bored, well I can’t help there
A job needs to be done, I can’t just not care
I’ll just take my time, I will not despair
In his own downfall he will have starred

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