Sunday, 24 August 2014

August 24: Before the sun gets washed away ...

I went out on the bike to day, before the sun got washed away
Tyres, petrol, all okay, so good to be back out
The traffic light, the road was dry, most pulled left, as I rode by
Still no clouds amused the sky, so I let Jimmy shout

Flames Trees is a favourite song, I love to play as I ride along
But do I spoil the song when I sing along, my voice is not that good
But I don’t care ‘cause as I ride, my helmet keeps my noise inside
So I yell and scream, I have no pride, I live it as I should

When Jimmy’s done, Paul Kelly’s next, I know his words, my vocals flexed
If you could hear, you’d be perplexed, his music is so fine
Down the highway to the Avon Dam, I hang a left, to catch the gang
My voices is hoarse, oh yeah, I sang, I sang like it was mine

I caught them up, and had a feed, I brought some stuff I didn’t need
Marty likes his steak to bleed, and everyone was there
We talked, we ate, we celebrate, ‘cause Pete and Dot, they both look great
Then later on, we dissipate; I rode off without a care

I did the same trip, in reverse, I saw a copper, I began to curse
To book me now would be perverse, I’m only a wee bit over
I wind her back, I have a look, he’s creeping up, he’s overtook
The big black Ute; no I am mistook, I’m in a field of clover

I’m home again, so safe and sound, the bikes away, a beer is found
A fantastic day, pound for pound, and now the footy’s on tv
Manly Penrith, should be a thriller, if the refs are not the killer
I pour a bourbon, I add some filler, how happy could I be

That was my most magic Sunday, but back to work, tomorrow’s Monday
Once a week we all need a fun day, to keep us on the plane
What challenges will the next week bring, will I get a call, will I be asked to sing
I could not imagine such a thing, I’ll just try to remain sane

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