Tuesday, 19 August 2014

August 19: Uncle Dan's cellar ...

I don’t know why I need to buy a bottle for my cellar
When Uncle Dan has a shop, next to my bank’s auto teller
I just pop in when stocks are grim and buy another case
And take it back to my own shack, and quaff it at my own pace

All this to do about buying a few, and then you put them down
Why not have a bash, and spend your cash, in the flashy part of town
I’m still confused about why they choose to keep them on the rack
With a great big sign, on every wine, don’t drink ‘til God comes back

It’s not my go, I’ll let you know, to let it sit and age
Drink it soon, that’s my tune, you know it’s all the rage
My palate’s sure there’s plenty more, just down the local shops
With a better range, some very strange, but the prices they are tops

Sometimes on line I do get mine, when postage is thrown in free
A box or four, left at the door, and I know it’s all for me
So don’t ask me if you can see, my cellar down below
All my wine is perfectly fine, at Dan Murphy’s don’t you know

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