Thursday, 21 August 2014

August 21: Sacked over the phone ...

I had a job in Queensland, I was working in the mines
Apparently my time was up, their needs were in decline
I was sitting on the dunny, checking messages on my phone
When a text message from my CEO, drew from me a groan

How bloody rude is this I thought, as I reached out for the paper
Sacked by bloody SMS, just what here is this caper
I clipped my belt, I left the hut, and stormed off in a huff
Inside their million dollar Ute, I had had enough

I drove a bit, then stopped the truck, it’s not cool to drive and text
My mind it was in turmoil, just what could I do next
I opened up the message app, and with my fingers and my thumb
Ripped them out a message, with a reference to the sun

“Thank you for your SMS, but this phone is yours not mine
But you can shove that bloody message, right where the sun don’t shine
You can poke your dirty, filty job, 'cause I just don't give a f%$k
And you can keep your bloody severance pay, coz mate ... I’ve got your truck

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