Sunday, 10 August 2014

August 10: I've been working my butt off ...

I’ve been working my butt off, and it is such a relief
For the next three days, there’s no evidence in chief
No courtroom theatrics, no witness’s lies
No Judge to stop me speaking, with her piercing sweet blue eyes

My one-week trial it has ballooned, right over to next week
It messes with my diary, and now my outlook it looks so bleak
Another trial is listed, and looms so near for me
And five days preparation will be confined to three

Identical twins, similar sins, into their sixties by now
They did things in the seventies that the law does not allow
Targeting the young, the vulnerable, the weak
For cigarettes and alcohol, foul favours they did seek

It’s such a saddening story, that will be told to all in court
I close my mind to the damage, young boys they did extort
Just street kids with no street sense, such degraded exploitation
That these men they were inflicting, way beyond my contemplation

Two trials I have, back-to-back, one brother then the other
Six-week trials, devoid of smiles, their victims they did smother
They will go down, after so many years, for these heinous crimes
And when they do, I’ll let you know, in another of these rhymes …

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