Monday, 11 August 2014

August 11: My jury has convicted ...

My jury has convicted, they sent the two boys down
For a bashing and a robbery, on the other side of town
A terrible beating, unprovoked and undeserved
Although they are in custody, they won’t just get time served

Minding his own business, as I told you just last week
Set upon and damaged, no trouble did he seek
Bail refused for both of them, and bloody rightly so
Though bail is not a punishment, she did not let them go

Robbery in company, inflicting grievous bodily harm
Twenty five years the maximum, that should bring alarm
Their young years will be spent in jail, watching each other’s back
An unguarded violent cauldron, and repeated revenge attacks

Me. I have no sympathy, for their outrageous acts
The Judge she will determine, appraised of all the facts
A suitable long-term sentence, to reflect their heinous crime
Don’t make plans for the future boys, you just won’t have the time

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