Sunday, 3 August 2014

August 3: His life as a duck it does suck ...

On a lake far out west lived a duck
And in the water his beak it got stuck
He quacked out for help
But got tangled in kelp
And drowned a sad death in the muck

I bet you’re impressed by that rhyme
I didn’t say fuck, not one time
Though it rhymed well with duck
I thought to use it might suck
And my mother might think it a crime

But our cluck he was ducked from the start
When his beak, it fell clear apart
So long immersed in the water
I think that he oughta
Have prayed to turn into a shark

But although his demise it did suck
He was after all a mere duck
Not a Donald or Daisy
And that drove him crazy
When his girlfriend, a chicken, did cluck

But the moral of the story is clear
If you’re a duck with a beak, please stay clear
Of water and mud and of kelp
Cause you won’t get no help
For as a duck, all your luck will just suck

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