Sunday, 31 August 2014

August 31: Time please ...

Just why would I want something cold on my wrist
That gives me a beep, for calls and emails I’ve missed
Just why do I care, if I’ve missed it, it’s gone
I’ll call you back later, it won’t be that long

Will it do something useful, like store all my cards
Can it remember my banking, it cannot be that hard
My wallet it’s full of my plastic it’s true
I've got so many cards, just what should I do

They tell me I should not keep them all in one place
When they say that I give them my incredulous face
I’ve twenty-two cards, what do you suggest
A long string of wallets, wrapped round my chest

I have a suggestion if you’re willing to hear it
Put it all on one card, we all would cheer it
Or you could go one better, you'd all be so well known
If you could get all that info, into my phone

But yes I digress, let’s get back to my wrist
I was wanting a watch, but I’ll write you a list
Of the functions I want, in a wrist watch of mine
Are you listening up, just the date and the time

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