Saturday, 30 August 2014

August 30: Throw down your guns ...

I’m reading a story about heartless thrill killing
What excites these poor people, I find horribly chilling
They fly off to a country, hire a gun and a jeep
And then just for fun kill the wildlife they seek

Maybe it’s me, but I cannot see a reason
For killing wild game, whatever the season
I have a proposal, if you think you're so brave
Try it unarmed, if it’s the challenge you crave

Take on a tiger, with just your wits and your mind
Face to face with a rhino, how tough’s your behind
Unarmed try a zebra, you’ll get a kick out of that
If you’re wanting some horns, to stick on your hat

I think you’re a coward as you crouch with your gun
A mile from your quarry, so you can outrun
The innocent beast as it grazes alone
You're such a great hunter, get a pic on your phone

So you sip on your drink, and you all share a toast
As you discuss your day out, and you brag and you boast
Of how clever you are, as you reflect on your skills
I just pity you all as you tally your kills

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