Thursday, 14 August 2014

August 14: Fing in the fick of it ...

Two short years ago, I prosecuted this bloke
For trying to make fake fifties, his attempts were just a joke
He broke down in the box, but the finger he did poke
At his brother who was not even there

The Magistrate rejected his fantasy story
Convicted him quick, no blood, guts or glory
Now in trouble so soon, now that's just a fail
Me, I simply don’t care

Now page three in the Tele, been arrested again
For making explosives, such a man among men
Where is he now, yep, he’s back in the pen
Probably crying “This just isn’t fair”

A rock hardened crim, I really don’t think
All of his ventures end up in the sink
Me and Alanna, we think he’s in need of a shrink
Not a single brain cell can he spare

One more trial he will face somewhere down the track
Just what went wrong, he wants his liberty back
But he sits in his cell, the problem trying to crack
Probably hoping he does not have to share

For you dear young Daniel, you’re a loser you know
You should have resisted the urge to things to blow
Into many pieces, your stupidity shows
But your mum might come visit you there

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