Friday, 1 August 2014

August 1: Basil, Basil ... Basil ...

There’s a little hotel set down by the beach
Run by a couple, well that’s a figure of speech
No one knows how it continues to run
And how their business, has not come undone

Miss Tibbs she has fainted, a guest he is dead
The Doctor is waiting for his breakfast in bed
The dog’s had Tabasco, the chef’s got the sack
The kitchen’s on fire, and the dead bloke is back

Manuel’s from Barcelona, the hotel’s in Torquay
I would never stay there, look hard and you’ll see
The joint’s a disaster, Basil, Polly and Sybil
How the joint runs is a is a complete riddle

Only twelve episodes, were made of this show
Didn’t do it to death, when to stop they did know
The humour old fashioned, outdated some say
You wouldn't get away with that stuff today

I love Fawlty Towers, it’s a lesson in laughter
But Basil and Sybil won’t live happy ever after
His odd sense of humour was just a little obscure
But he knew how to laugh, of that he made sure

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