Friday, 8 August 2014

August 8: If you're honest, please stand up ...

If you’re honest, please stand up, I want to see your hand
If you’re standing you’re an oddity, in parliamentary land
How about a little bribe, an envelope packed with cash
I want to build a block of flats, would you let me have a bash

If you’re sincere, please cry out, I want to hear your voice
When you took that oath of office, you knew you’d have a choice
You could walk the straight and narrow, or be dishonest and corrupt
Did you think that you could hide it, it’s just waiting to erupt

If you have integrity, your face I want to read
In your role as my Mayor, it’s for me you should succeed
You’re not there for your own benefit, to steal from the public purse
The frequency of corruption has become this state's curse

If you will make the sacrifice, then you’re the one for me
Public life it can’t be easy, there’s so many things that you could be
Those who want you in their pocket will court you for their cause
Their dishonesty will smother you, and its smell will fill your pores

Stand up straight, your hand held high, your face determined and so strong
You know that as soon as you get power, you also know it won’t be long
For favours to be asked of you, for your integrity to be tried with force
And if you bend just a fraction, you’ll get to ICAC in due course

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