Tuesday, 26 August 2014

August 26: My bike is due for rego ...

My bike is due for rego, I hate this time of year
Pink slips and third party, all those things I fear
Will I need new tyres, will the blinkers flash
If in the affirmative, then I part with lots of cash

I take her to the workshop, a pink slip is my desire
He rolls my Wing around the floor, it’s making me perspire
I’ve had the thing at least eight years, I never would do that
Near half a tonne, with all the gear, my eyes behind my hat

It all goes good, everything works, the tyres are okay
Now for the third party, more cash I need to pay
For other people’s accidents, more money leaves my hip
Smoke comes from my credit card, there’s a fire in chip

I pay that fee, now rego, more cash I must withdraw
My number plate, it costs a bomb, each year it costs me more
How can that be, it’s just a rort, for once the thing is made
Not another penny, by anyone but me is paid

So, there we go, the bike is good, to take out for a blast
I wish, I wish, oh how I wish, that this one was the last
But underneath her cover, Val for her turn does wait
And just around the corner, my trailer needs a plate ...

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