Thursday, 7 August 2014

August 7: Whoopee, some weed ...

He had some land near Kundabung, close to the Hastings River
Not enough to run some stock, but still, it was a giver
Two hundred plants, every year, he moved to Sydney town
Did his dealing on the phone, when his funds were down

His mate got back from overseas, he’d spent some time in Greece
Come up with my to Kundabung, I really need some peace
“I can my friend, but just one night, I need to find a flat”
So they drove up there in the dark of night, their journey filled with chat

The next day it was raining, as it had the week before
“Help me fix my tractor mate, it ain’t running any more”
They tried to fix the tractor, but it was all to no avail
“Just one more job to do my friend, and then we’ll hit the trail

They drove into a clearing, where the plants were lush and green
At first sight it was obvious, what was happening in this scene
“I’ve been cultivating some weed my friend, it keeps me in the blue
But the floods have washed them all away, just what am I to do

They got some tools and cleared the grass, the type you do not smoke
A whipper-snipper cleared the grounds, around they had a poke
“Of two hundred plants, about ten left, I really am annoyed
I drive up here every week, I'm broke, I’m unemployed”

But then they heard a rustling sound, from the bushes came the cops
“Get down on the ground you blokes, that whipper-snipper … drop”
Arrested, charged and driven back, to Sydney to be tried
The mate from Greece he copped a plea, “I’m stupid”, he did cry

Sentence served, he hopped a jet, and travelled back to Greece
The principal however, was not so keen to make the peace
“It is not mine”, he lied and lied, “It belongs to my mate who is not here
“And the stuff you found in my bedroom, that's his too I'll make it clear”

But will the jury wear it, or will they see through his charade
Intercepts of mobile calls, where he's arranging to be paid
His mate is back, he’ll come to court, and tell the truth about this wretch
And the principal, he’ll be off to jail, for at least a ten year stretch

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