Tuesday, 2 September 2014

September 2: Once there was a pedophile ...

Once there was a pedophile who lived up on the coast
Liked little boys and their toys, but little boys the most
As far back as the seventies he plied his evil trade
But now he’s sitting in the dock, a price he now will pay

He met them at the pool hall, with drugs and cigarettes
Befriended them, drew them in, they thought he was the best
But inside an evil mind it grew, his motive so disgusting
At first he played very cool, ‘til mum and dad were trusting

Some men came from Belmont, to give evidence in my trial
The tell us just what happened, at the hands of the pedophile
Now their in their fifties, but forty years ago
A monster took them to a place, they did not want to go

Come up to the quarry lad, I’ll let you drive my car
Sure young man take over, we won’t drive very far
Just let my put my hand right there, it won’t hurt you, not a bit
It’s our little secret, understand, your dad would have a fit

For decades he sourced his prey, much younger than he was
Got caught once in the 80’s, “Well I did it, just … because”
He gave up full admissions; he walked off with a bond
That could not suppress his evil mind, justice, it got conned

He continued through the eighties, the nineties to today
The first trials nearly over, I think he will be put away
Sentenced to imprisonment, he’ll go into segregation
Coz rock spiders they come to harm, for their inclination

Next week the next trial begins, and then there are three more
How many more poor young boys, as men come through that door
Memories that terrify, nightmares that leave you cold
They now wish they had come forward, before it got this old

The longer it’s kept secret, the harder it is to tell
And I’ve seen them giving evidence, to me they don’t look well
But their bravery does them credit, to get up and show their pain
So others won’t have to suffer, at this man’s hands again

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