Saturday, 20 September 2014

September 20: Our jury has come back to us ...

Our jury has come back to us, three days consideration
They listened to the evidence, given great deliberation
Of what they heard from witnesses, who years ago were boys
Eleven, twelve, so very young, they were someone else’s toys

Four weeks of nasty evidence, they’ve listened to each word
He said that they were liars, well that was just absurd
Unpleasant though it must have been, they sat and heard it all
We pressed it hard on their behalf, we had to see him fall

Repeated clear descriptions, I’ll trade you sex for things
Your parents will not give you, but you know I will bring
Beer and money, cigarettes, I’ll even give you pot
In my car, and at my home, I’m not asking for a lot

Forty, thirty, twenty years, decades they passed by
Then one young many came forward, told his story while he cried
The net it just grew larger, more names came to the fore
Eight men told there story, but there must be many more

Ten counts of interference with the lives of boys so young
One he took his own life, when he felt he could not go on
But the jury came back settled, and in that they sealed his fate
Ten from ten convictions, it’s back to jail old mate

She’ll sentence in December, he’ll be sixty three
I betting he’ll get fifteen years, we’d like longer you’d agree
But no-one gets the maximum, but here there’s no excuse
He preyed on boys for fifty years, he never be let loose

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