Friday, 26 September 2014

September 26: Robbery in the Shire ...

There was a punch and then a theft, then a king hit from his left
A cut to his eye, then the small bloke stole his ride
He drove off without a thought, but he figured he’d be caught
So he phoned a friend to hide the ride inside

As he drove off in the Suzuki, the whole thing was kind of spooky
The motive for the assault not understood
His choice of friends was lacking, and somewhere near Port Hacking
Was where he found a nasty neighbourhood

To the cops he told his story, all the facts in all their glory
Of his treatment at hands of these two men
The first time late at night, then once more when skies were bright
But soon he’d have to say it all again

Their mobiles held a clue, one that in time it would undo
The mixed up mess of lies on which they rested
So many messages exchanged, and soon their end it came
When the explanation that they proffered it was tested

But our victim he’d been threatened, so the witness stand it beckoned
Tell your story mate, the one you told the cops
But his memory was a failure, but we know here in Australia
There are ways and means of nurturing your crops

From the dock I heard them bleating, though their cries were merely fleeting
As my witness he revealed his sordid tale
Their attempts to quell his version, was but a temporary incursion
As true justice it furled it greatest sail

And in cross-examination, and to the informant’s exultation
Every detail of the beating was adduced
His car they heard was took, by two adolescent crooks
And his evidence, in great detail was produced

There was little they could say, as their freedom flew away
And they watched me as I sealed their fate with glee
So my jury will soon find, as facts they occupy their mind
That their guilt beyond all doubt is plain to see

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