Sunday, 28 September 2014

September 28: Verandah blues ...

I’m on my verandah, I’m having a beer
The music is playing, the wife she’s not here
I’m playing Paul Kelly, there’s nought on the ‘tele
I think I might have one more

The weather is cooling, the sky it is grey
It’s really quite pleasant, hope the rain stays away
I’ll just have that next one, the day is all gone
A barbeque sounds quite inviting

I’ve been thinking about it, it’s making me sad
I miss all the good times, that I once had
There’s really no winner, I’m such a beginner
I need to stop it invading my mind

Tomorrow is Sunday, should I get out for a walk
Should I find a Koala, engage in small talk
But once I’m outside I might go for a ride
I won’t know what to do until then

When I was twenty, I thought life was a laugh
Back then I knew nothing, not the wheat from the chaff
Life should be greater, nearly thirty years later
I’m sure it is in it’s way

How did Paul Kelly get inside my head
Was it something he’s singing, is it something he said
The clock on his silo can’t show eleven degrees
Nothing right now makes much sense

1 comment:

  1. great poem Paul, but I feel 'small talk' with a Koala would indeed be small talk!