Wednesday, 10 September 2014

September 10: A new iPhone 6 ...

iPhone 6 has all the tricks; bigger, better, faster
I hope they fixed the battery life, my 5 is a disaster
A decent day of talk and text, and on the train to home
Halfway through my one hour trip, I do not have a phone

Its seamless lines are so, so fine, so clear and crisp and nice
But if I do have just one complaint, it is about the price
A thousand bucks, well more than that, we all have to pay
To get one in our pockets, but I won’t back away

The camera is a beauty, even better than before
And I’ve taken heaps of photos, so now I’ll take some more
Silver, gold and spacy grey, which one should I pick
I don’t care, I’ve ordered one, these phones are fully sick

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