Thursday, 18 September 2014

September 18: Little boy lost ...

There’s a little boy who's lost, out there on his own
His parents searching desperately
To bring their small boy home
Moments turn to minutes, and the hours slip away
And as optimism turns to hope, her eyes begin to glaze

Dressed in his favourite costume, he wandered down a track
That led to unforgiving bush
Please son, double back
But the hours turn into afternoons, and they turn into days
Hope turns into desperation, and his eyes begin to glaze

Searchers in their numbers, they come to lend a hand
That a little boy could disappear
Not one can understand
While the days turn into darkness, and the darkness into dawn
Desperation turns to fear, is their little boy now gone

Hope it never completely dies, belief it never wanes
But no matter how hopeless or obscure
They’ll forever feel that pain
And the darkness it gets darker, as all hope it disappears
Their little boy is gone for good, confirming all their fears

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