Thursday, 4 September 2014

September 4: What is it with this rain ...

Spring has sprung, the rain has come, the grass is wet and soggy
Most mornings when I look outside, the Gorge is cold and foggy
The bikes sit in the garage, covered, cold but dry
And if I don’t get a ride this week, I promise I will cry

One day I get the fan out, the next day the heater’s on
Monday is just paradise, on Tuesday summer’s gone
Wednesday I get the brolly out, Thursday it goes away
Winter, summer, autumn, what season’s next today

I’m over it, I’ve lost the plot, who cares what happens next
It isn’t just me you know, the whole country is perplexed
So tomorrow when it’s Saturday, and there’s chores I want to do
If Mother Nature lets me down, I’ll be putting on a blue

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